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GLOWWA Hair Food

GLOWWA is based in London and Manchester and specialises in offering eco-friendly supplements for hair and beauty. The hair food vitamins by GLOWWA promote a healthier hair growth rate whilst also increasing the quality of hair growth to give a thicker, more voluminous look.

As well as priding themselves on being 100% vegan and cruelty-free, GLOWWA is also known to be very passionate about climate change and striving towards a future that is one-day plastic-free. To support this cause, they pledge to plant one tree for every purchase made. They plant the trees within damaged ecosystems and areas most affected by climate change to increase the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere.

Why Do We Need Hair Vitamins?

The usual source of nutrients for our bodies comes solely from the food and drink that we consume. However, our vital organs use up most of this intake of nutrients, meaning it is nowhere near enough to replenish our hair and leaving it looking lifeless and brittle. At GLOWWA, they've created a product that provides daily support in easily acquiring the correct nutrients needed in the right quantities to achieve a flawless finish for your hair.

The Benefits of Vitamins for Hair Growth and Thickness

Comprised of a blend of all-natural ingredients, the active elements in GLOWWA vegan hair vitamins work in unique ways to collectively deliver a range of benefits. Some of the ingredients, along with their advantages, are listed below:

B5 & B6

These vitamins increase the ability of hair cells to make hair protein which results in the ultimate shine for your hair whilst also maintaining the scalp's health.


This gives an energy boost and allows oxygen to the hair, vital in sustaining healthy hair growth.


This helps stimulate blood circulation, leading to the nutrients being fed directly to the hair follicle.

Vitamin C

This reduces hair loss and improves hair growth. A deficiency in this vitamin can also result in dry hair and split ends.


Biotin hair vitamins are a critical factor in stimulating keratin production, increasing the rate of hair follicle growth.

GLOWWA Hair Food Vitamins at Salon Business Solutions

As proud stockists of many eco salon supplies, we find that GLOWWA is a brand that shares many of the same ambitions as Salon Business Solutions, which is why we love working with them. Purchasing their hair vitamins online couldn't be easier as we offer the 60 capsules container available for immediate order.

If you're a hairdressing professional, then you can also sign up for a trade account to keep up with any of our exclusive offers. You can also contact us to discover more about GLOWWA hair food or our other professional hair brands at Salon Business Solutions.