Our Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors

We’re thrilled to introduce our Brand Ambassadors.

April Yardley


Hey guys, I’m April, I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years, with the last 5 years falling back in love with hair. I started my education journey in the last three years since covid hit and it made me realise how much I love to share my knowledge and passion with other stylists all over the world. It’s an amazing feeling when someone comes for you and asks for your help, I never thought that day would come as I’ve always loved educating. We opened our salon after lockdown in 2020 and we’ve been able to grow this and open another one this year which is an incredible achievement. I love having a team and I’m excited to see where 2023 takes us to.
When we talk about O&M - all I can say is I love it! I love the story behind it the brand, O&M is just beautiful. I love the fact the colours are so clean from everything, it makes using them so much more enjoyable knowing you are protecting your clients hair as-well as the environment.

Barrie Stephen


We are over the moon to announce the UK’s first Nine Yards Brand Ambassador, Barrie Stephen, and he says he’s super excited and thrilled too! Barrie, winner of Leicester Entrepreneur of the Year award, says “when I was quite young I would accompany my mum to our local salon . I was always fascinated by the creative environment. Even at a young age I knew I wanted my own salon. I love the hairdressing industry and after three decades I am even more passionate than I was then.”
Barrie loves Nine Yards as it aligns with the same values and principles as he’s always had - sustainable, ethical and animal friendly and the independent, integral partnerships curated between SBS, Nine Yards and his salon group are more supportive to his team and business than any of the large manufacturers have ever been and he’s here to share that knowledge and support with you too.
When asked his favourite product, it was a fast and easy response “without doubt “Never Dull” once experienced, your hair will never be dull again and you will never be sorry, if you invest in the best, you see the results! Barrie says “I'm ready to shake up the industry with Nine Yards. We share a passion for innovation in premium, sustainable haircare and we're not afraid to go our own way. I can't wait to collaborate on their creative direction in the UK”

Becki Beavan


Becki has loved O&M since day one so it was only right that’s she should be a brand ambassador. We love Becki’s passion for her art and, famed for her beautiful Balayage and colour work, she really puts O&M through it’s paces and always gets the best results. Becki loves that O&M has brought her together with likeminded hairdressers that she now calls friends, all over the world! O&M has given the opportunity to step outside her comfort zone, travelling to many different countries as ambassador and as Becki says, a comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there and she knows this is only the beginning as the brand grows.
Becki says “I’ve always been obsessed with hair, as a child I’d got to my mums hair appointments with her & I’d help to clean up & make drinks. I was probably more of a hindrance than a help but I just loved the whole salon vibe & how happy the women were leaving the salon with new hair. I was 14 when joined the industry & I’ve loved it ever since.”
Becki’s favourite product is Know Knott, because she says “I’ve got THE knottiest hair in the world & it’s saved my life on more than one occasion!” and her number one hair tip is: Less is more, colour, product, heat. You can always add more.

Brittanié Russell


Hey! I’m Brittanié Russell, Stylist and educator based in Kent, UK. My passion is to create low maintenance colour, and share tips and tricks that I’ve learnt over the years through social media and in person workshops.
Working with O&M is an absolute dream! I have been amazed with the results using both the clean liquids and styling range. The colours are easy, intermixable and give the most incredible shine!
I made the switch as the entirety of O&M’s brand values aligned with me and my salon ethos. I also have a large vegan clientele and love that I can say to them that every product I use are clean and Peta approved. O&M products are all free from ppd, ammonia and resorcinol. They’re packed with clean nutrients and shine boosting ingredients.
I have produced the most beautiful colours and found navigating the range super easy!
I have a couple of collab workshops in the pipeline, more 1-1 education classes, and of course I’ll be investing in some amazing education for myself.
I cannot wait for what the future has to bring.

Clare Pearson


We are honoured, happy and so excited to announce Clare Pearson as an ambassador of O&M.
Clare has been in the industry for over 20 years and is well known for her blondes, brondes and natural, sunkissed colour techniques. She has perfected the natural graduation of softly composed highlights and lowlights to create a bespoke colour tailored to her clients skin tone and lifestyle.
Clare found her passion for educating after lockdown when another hair salon reached out and asked if she would teach her techniques to their staff, Clare says one of the most rewarding things about being an educator is seeing those light bulb moments when something clicks in a student, it’s her passion to educate other stylists become a better version of themselves.
Please give her a warm welcome and to you Clare; thank you for everything you do. You’re a wonderful girl and we’re thrilled to work with you!

Katy Grimshaw


Katy is proud owner of Spectrum One Salon and Hair Extensions brand. Since falling in love with hairdressing at just 13 years old, with her love of talking to her customers and team members over the years she has seen her businesses go from strength to strength with multiple accolades, including being awarded a coveted BHBA! Katy joins our team of O&M Ambassadors as she just loves O&M – from the brand support, clean and kind ethos and she says the colours are “just unreal”! O&M and Katy will join forces and have so many exciting things planned for you all. When asked what her favourite product and top tips were, Katy said “my fave product without a doubt is frizzy logic oil - it’s great on all hair and extensions it’s just the best product EVER!!! And I would always advise my clients to use the best brand! If you use the right product, you have great hair!”

Lee Quinn


Lee Quinn, whose unique take on the CALI blonde has taken his education globally, is someone we’re incredibly proud to have on the UK O&M Ambassador team. Lee loves working with a brand that aligns with him and what he does - he don't have to change anything.
We asked Lee what made him get into the hairdressing industry and he tells us that what originally inspired him was gents hair, he started doing this and ended up down a totally different path leading him to the successes he has today. Lees favourite O&M product is the gold stuff - IYKYK (but if you don’t he’s talking about the miracle product that is Project Sukuroi)! You can expect to see great things from Lee, feel inspired and hopefully we’ll see you at one of his sensational education classes soon!

Nuala Morey


The curl queen herself, Nuala Morey is am amazing ambassador for O&M. as a 6 year old, Nuala was videoed saying her dream job was to be a hairdresser. Now she is bringing her childhood dream to life and more and is the absolute best at curly cuts, care and colour and is the proud owner of the BHA Salon of the Year award. Nuala loves the creativity, freedom and meeting new people every day from all walks of life that comes with salon life. And describes O&M as a breath of fresh air. Loving the people behind the brand, the O&M family, their ethos, kindness, passion, vision and to top it off, the beautiful products and colour that they create.
Nuala’s favourite product is the Rootalicious mousse. She says “First of all, I love the name, it gives a great hold without making the hair dry, a little goes a long way and it smells amazing”. We’re thrilled to be working with Nuala as our O&M curl queen!