As well as building a business that focuses on sustainable, cruelty free hair products for salon workers and industry professionals, we wanted to help those who are not involved in the world of hair and beauty.
We’re proud to work closely with some incredible charities that are very close to our hearts. Learn more about why we have chosen these charities and our work to support them below.

Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA)

Motor Neurone Disease is an uncommon condition affecting the brain and nerves. Its symptoms include muscle weakness, slurred speech and difficulty swallowing. It is nearly always fatal. The MND Association are a membership organisation with over 10,000 members who work hard to improve access to care, research and campaigning for people affected by Motor Neurone Disease in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
We are supporting the MND Association in memory of our dear friend, Robin Dobie. Rob was born in 1975 in the same month as Sam Griffiths, one of our co-founders. They went to school together and became best friends, occasionally enjoying shared holidays. They played football for school, town, and county for many years. They were soulmates. Sam is the godfather to Rob’s daughter, Mia.
In 2013 everyone was devastated to learn of Rob’s diagnosis and witnessed the slow deterioration from a man-mountain to life in a wheelchair. He suffered all the typical symptoms but never complained. He never lost his sense of humour and his ability to laugh at himself and others. Rob even did a skydive in aid of the charity. Every Friday night, Sam visited Rob, who by this time, was bed-bound. Rob was always proud of Sam’s achievements and interested in his work. Towards the end, Rob lost his speech and communicated via a computer on which he was as funny and rude as ever. Sadly, MND took his life in September 2018.
We are supporting this charity in memory of Rob, hoping that a cure can be found one day and spare other families the pain the Dobie family experienced.


Another charity that we work closely with is Haircuts 4 Homeless. This is a charity that we’re proud to support and be a part of, as the work they do is very close to our hearts as our team have trained as hairdressers in the past.
Haircuts4Homeless was set up by veteran hairdresser Stewart Roberts whose aim was to build a community of skilled volunteers who would be open to giving their time for free to provide haircuts for the homeless.
Low self-esteem is a major factor among many other truly unimaginable challenges that homeless people are faced with, and a free haircut could give them a well-needed confidence boost. As a caring and experienced group of people in the hairdressing industry, we had to get involved with this charity. We couldn’t be more excited to spread awareness for this incredible cause.

If you would like to learn more about how we work with the above charities,
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