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Hello Bleach is a professional-only brand.
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Hey, hair trailblazers! Brace yourselves for a hairvolution that's about to rock your world! At Hello Bleach we are the future thinkers for a clean tomorrow and we want you to join us in helping stomp out single-use plastics in the salon while recycling plastic into incredible hairdressing tools you won't believe you ever lived without! Prepare to be wowed as we're about to drop an electrifying lineup of recycled salon tools that'll have you saying goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary, all while slaying sustainable style!

Hello Bleach is one of the biggest professional hair brands in Australia that specialises in making stylish, easy-to-use, and sustainable hardware collections for hairdressers.
With over 20 years of hairdressing experience, its founder, Belynda Bennetts, knows exactly what you need in the salon and has made tools that you’ll absolutely love. What’s more? They're all about helping the planet! Every tool is made from recycled plastics, so you're not just looking after your clients - you're doing your bit for the environment, too.


Hello Bleach

Hello Bleach Products at Salon Business Solutions

Check out our wide range of Hello Bleach products at Salon Business Solutions. From whisks to brushes, combs to balayage boards - these are all the eco-friendly salon products you'll ever need:
The Whisk: A perfect tool for colouring and creating a cleaner environment! Smoothly blends colours and guarantees minimal waste.
Deep Tint Bowl with Teeth: An eco-friendly tool designed for functionality and a waste-free colouring session. It provides a mess-free experience thanks to its unique design.
Tint Brushes: Comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly brushes that provide an easy grip and perfect colouring.
The Tail Comb: A handy tool for all hair styling needs, available in full plastic or stainless-steel tip. Made with recycled materials for an eco-friendly styling solution.
Style Combs: Damage-free combs available in two sizes for convenient styling. Made of recycled plastic, they're a sustainable choice aiming to reduce waste.
Balayage Boards: The best pick for creating stunning balayage effects. Easy-to-use, eco-friendly option offering precision and control for all users.

Say Hello to a Sustainable Salon

Hello Bleach stands at the forefront of the sustainable salon revolution. They are environmentally responsible, and that commitment is reflected in every product they offer. All the materials they use are 100% recyclable, helping reduce the industry's plastic imprint.

The mission is more than simply creating professional salon tools; it's all about creating a positive impact on the planet. By transforming Australian consumer-recycled plastics into innovative salon essentials, they have already successfully kept over 4,118 kilograms of waste out of landfills! And they're not stopping yet - the goal is to continue recycling and pave the way for other salon product manufacturers. Every Hello Bleach purchase is a step toward a cleaner, more sustainable future, proving that style and eco-consciousness can go hand in hand for the modern salon professional. So, say “hello” to a sustainable salon and choose Hello Bleach for your eco-friendly styling hardware today.