EVERYGREEN 10 Strong Hold Hairspray 500ml

For hairstylists, being able to finish their work by defining it in detail is an essential requirement. As a result, hairstylists are constantly looking for products that provide HOLD and FLEXIBILITY, to ALWAYS OFFER AN UP-TO-DATE LOOK. Sometimes, however, STYLING products can weigh down hair and can be harsh on the scalp due to daily use.

That’s why EVERYGreen offers the Salon an innovative solution, which combines: HAIR PROTECTION THROUGHOUT the DAY, HAIR NOURISHMENT, RESULTS of a LONG LASTING HOLD, EXTREME GENTLENESS on the SCALP. SPRAY for hair strong hold ALOE VERA EXTRACT ORGANIC ARGAN OIL Strong hold for a structured and voluminous effect; it adds shine to the hair. Covers the hair with a resistant and flexible layer. Does not produce a flaking effect. Fast drying. It is removed with a few brush strokes. You can style the hair even after spraying it. Anti-humidity.

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The Pinnacle of Strength

Unleash the power of perfect hairstyling with Everygreen 10 Strong Hold Hairspray, the strongest hairspray on the market. This 500ml powerhouse is not just a hairspray; it's your secret weapon for maintaining flawless locks that defy gravity and time.

Crafted Confidence: More Than Just a Styling Aid

Crafted with precision and passion, Everygreen 10 is designed to be more than just a styling aid – it's a commitment to confidence and individuality. Imagine a stronghold hairspray that not only tames unruly strands but also adds an invisible shield to your hairstyle, ensuring it stands tall and strong against the challenges of the day.

Strength with Flexibility: A Unique Fusion

What makes Everygreen 10 truly unique is its fusion of strength and flexibility. This hairspray delivers a stronghold that keeps your hair in place without the stiffness, letting you embrace the natural movement of your locks. Whether you're conquering a busy day at the office or dancing the night away, your hairstyle will remain as vibrant and dynamic as you are.

500ml of Styling Power: Your Long-Lasting Companion

The 500ml size ensures that you won't run out of this magic potion anytime soon. Every press of the nozzle releases a fine mist that effortlessly covers your hair, evenly distributing the hair hold spray for a long-lasting impact. Plus, the ergonomic design of the spray bottle makes it easy to handle, giving you total control over your styling destiny.

Goodbye Compromises: Withstanding the Elements

Bid farewell to the days of compromise between style and substance. Everygreen 10 strong hold hair spray is formulated to withstand the elements, maintaining your signature look from sunrise to sunset. No more reapplication hassles – just pure, unadulterated confidence that comes with knowing your hair is on point.

Your Style's Declaration: Strong Hair Spray Magic

Make Everygreen 10 strong hair spray your go-to companion for hairstyles that speak volumes without saying a word. Elevate your styling experience with the perfect blend of strength, flexibility, and lasting power. Unleash your hair's full potential and make a statement that echoes through every strand. Because with Everygreen 10, your style is not just a choice – it's a declaration.

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