EVERYGREEN 6 Shine Up Spray 300ml

SHINE UP natural effect shining spray for hair. ALOE VERA EXTRACT - ORGANIC ARGAN OIL It gives an immediate illuminating and polishing effect even to dull and lifeless hair. From the ultra-light texture, not greases and does not weigh down the hair. The hair is shiny and shiny and the hair soft and fluffy.
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For hairstylists, being able to finish their work by defining it in detail is an essential requirement. As a result, hairstylists are constantly looking for products that provide HOLD and FLEXIBILITY, to ALWAYS OFFER AN UP-TO-DATE LOOK. Sometimes, however, STYLING products can weigh down hair and can be harsh on the scalp due to daily use. That’s why EVERYGreen offers the Salon an innovative solution, which combines: HAIR PROTECTION THROUGHOUT the DAY, HAIR NOURISHMENT, RESULTS of a LONG LASTING HOLD, EXTREME GENTLENESS on the SCALP.
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