Meet the Team

We’re thrilled to introduce the creative and talented faces behind Salon Business Solutions. We’re a bunch of hardworking, friendly individuals who are passionate about the salon industry and want to make a change as a team. By supporting us, you’re standing with salon owners and industry professionals who care about the wellbeing of their clients and the protection of the planet. Let’s learn more about the people who have worked tirelessly to make Salon Business Solutions what it is today.

Nicholas Barnes – Co-Founder & Director

About: As one of the four Co-Founders and Directors of Salon Business Solutions, Nicholas is responsible for the everyday management of the company. He is never tired of his role, taking the ever-changing, fast-paced industry in his stride. He always has a positive mindset and believes that together, as a team, Salon Business Solutions can achieve anything.
When he’s not leading his team to great things, Nicholas enjoys indulging in great food and drinks with his nearest and dearest.
Number One Hair Care Tip: Always use quality products because the long-term results are worth it.
If You Were a Hair Product, What Would You Be and Why: Nine Yards Dark Spark - dark, smooth, and full-bodied!
Fun Fact: He touched Gina G’s leg in 1996.

Sam Griffiths– Co-Founder & Director

About: Working alongside three of his closest friends as Co-Founder and Director, Sam oversees everything that goes into Salon Business Solutions. He prides himself on offering an unbeatable service to all customers and loves sharing the unique offering that the company has with independent UK hairdressers. Sam enjoys the pressures running a business brings - which is what makes him so good at what he does. In his downtime, Sam can be found talking all things football, including coaching under 11’s.
Number One Hair Care Tip: Trust your hairdresser – they really do know best! 
If You Were a Hair Product, What Would You Be and Why: Nine Yards On The Go because it does what it says on the tin.
Fun Fact: He once played a musical instrument for the Queen.

Jo Jagger– Co-Founder & Director

About:Jo works together with the other three Co-Founders and Directors to ensure everything is running smoothly and sticking to the high standards of Salon Business Solutions. Her ‘anything is possible’ attitude is what makes the business so successful. Starting as a hairstylist herself, Jo loves being able to help salons up and down the country and providing them with quality, ethical products. In her spare time, Jo enjoys going for long, quiet walks with her family and puppy.
Number One Hair Care Tip: Always use heat protection.
If You Were a Hair Product, What Would You Be and Why: A luxury hair mask because she’s sensitive and caring.
Fun Fact: Jo once nearly knocked over Johnny Ball!

Adam Riley – Co-Founder & Director

About: As part of the team of Co-Founders and Directors, Adam leads the team, managing the overall company. Adam’s father worked in the hairdressing industry, which meant he grew up surrounded by boxes of hair products and quickly gained a fascination. He loves expressing his creativity and encourages his team to do the same. When he’s not busy putting creative ideas into practice at Salon Business Solutions, Adam likes to ride his mountain bike and loves nothing more than a pint in the pub with friends and family.
Number One Hair Care Tip: Always tone with a purple or blue conditioner- they’ll give you a longer-lasting result.
If You Were a Hair Product, What Would You Be and Why: Nine Yards Go Loud Shampoo because he’s quite a loud person and loves feeling clean and fresh.
Fun Fact: Adam had a millionaire babysitter! The founder of Air Tours used to live next door to Adam and look after him frequently before jetting off and selling his company for millions.

Chloe McAulay – Brand Manager

About: As Salon Business Solution’s Brand Manager, Chloe is responsible for ensuring our products resonate with current and potential customers and developing strategies that increase brand loyalty. Chloe loves the fun atmosphere that working for Salon Business Solutions provides and the strong passion of the entire team. Outside of work, Chloe enjoys spending time with family and friends, shopping, and going out with the girls – but nothing can beat jetting off to somewhere sunny for a well-deserved holiday.
Number One Hair Care Tip: When shampooing, concentrate on just the scalp and root and let the lather rinse through the rest.
If You Were a Hair Product, What Would You Be and Why: Nine Yards Hand-On Texturising Spray because she’s involved in a lot of projects, she’s thorough, and she never misses a trick.
Fun Fact: Chloe can do the splits!

Helen Shipley – Head of Client Services

About: Helen is Salon Business Solutions’ Head of Client Services which means she works hard to build strong, positive relationships with the company’s clientele. Similarly to her co-workers, Helen loves the fast-paced environment of the hair and beauty industry and particularly enjoys helping clients better their businesses by being ethical and sustainable. Helen loves to wind down by spending time with her son, getting stuck in a good book, or enjoying an occasional Netflix binge.
Number One Hair Care Tip: Dry shampoo can be your best friend.
If You Were a Hair Product, What Would You Be and Why: Nine Yards On Track, because she likes to be organised and on top of everything.
Fun Fact: Helen can draw and write her name using her feet!

Abby Pemberton – Client Sales Specialist

About: As Salon Business Solutions’ Client Sales Specialist, Abby is responsible for creating interesting and effective sales strategies that work to enhance business growth and strengthen client relationships. While working for the company, Abby learnt valuable information about the hair and beauty industry and realised how adaptable she could be whilst working in a fast-paced environment. Outside of work, Abby can be found spending time with her boyfriend or indulging in a wine with the girls.
Number One Hair Care Tip: Your hairdresser always knows best.
If You Were a Hair Product, What Would You Be and Why: Nine Yards Big Noise – Abby is the self-proclaimed loudest in the office!
Fun Fact: Her uncle is a famous film star…

Stephen McDowell – Head of Education

About: As Head of Education for Salon Business Solutions, Stephen works hard to pass on his expertise to the company’s clients, including industry professionals and salon workers. He thoroughly enjoys sharing his knowledge and working alongside passionate, like-minded individuals. Stephen believes it was inevitable that he would become a hairdresser after growing up with his hair-obsessed mother! Outside of work, Stephen likes to knit, read a good book and loves listening to and collecting vinyl records.
Number One Hair Care Tip: Listen to the professionals – they know your hair type and the best products to use at home. Aftercare treatments for coloured hair are essential.
If You Were a Hair Product, What Would You Be and Why: R+Co Balloon Dry Volume Spray. Stephen loves the finishing touch this product gives to every hairstyle.
Fun Fact: Stephen is a Debbie Harris fanatic – watching Blondie on Top of The Pops when he was ten years old brought on the obsession, and now, he owns all her records and tries to see her perform whenever she’s in the UK.

Tom Griffiths – Warehouse Specialist

About: As one of two Warehouse Specialists for Salon Business Solutions, Tom is responsible for picking and packing orders, forklift driving, and maintaining the warehouse. Since working for the company, Tom has realised how much he thrives when surrounded by friendly, like-minded people. When he’s not working, Tom likes to watch and play rugby and go out with his friends.
Number One Hair Care Tip: Always make sure you go to a barber who knows what they’re doing.
If You Were a Hair Product, What Would You Be and Why: R+Co Blue Ingenious Thickening Shampoo because he’s a self-proclaimed genius!
Fun Fact: Tom once spent a summer with a travelling circus.

Shamus Dar – Warehouse Specialist

About: Alongside his team, Shamus works in Salon Business Solutions’ warehouse as a Warehouse Specialist. He enjoys his job, which includes picking and packing orders and quality checking along the way to ensure each customer receives the Salon Business Solutions standard. When he’s not working hard, Shamus winds down by socialising with friends and watching football.
Number One Hair Care Tip: Never forget to use heat protection.
If You Were a Hair Product, What Would You Be and Why: Nine Yards Hair Down Anti-Frizz because it smells the best.
Fun Fact: Shamus spent a year living in Florida!

Dave Swinburn – Warehouse Manager

About: As the Warehouse Manager, Dave’s responsibility is to manage his team and ensure everything is keeping up with the high standards of Salon Business Solutions. Dave thrives in a busy environment and has built fantastic multitasking skills as well as the ability to stay calm and patient when necessary. He loves the relaxed atmosphere of Salon Business Solutions and always has fun with his colleagues. In his downtime, Dave can be found enjoying some good food paired with real ale and following his wife’s instructions.
Number One Hair Care Tip: Keep it short!
If You Were a Hair Product, What Would You Be and Why: Nine Yards Get a Grip – it does exactly as it says on the tin.
Fun Fact: Dave has three nipples!