This exclusive gift bag comprises the following meticulously crafted products:

  1. Mini Fine Intellect Shampoo: Delve into a gentle yet effective cleansing experience, tailored to meet the unique needs of fine hair. This miniaturized version of O&M's Fine Intellect Shampoo works harmoniously to cleanse your hair, promoting volume and vitality.

  2. Mini Fine Intellect Conditioner: Elevate your haircare ritual with the Mini Fine Intellect Conditioner—an exquisite formulation that nourishes and detangles, leaving your fine strands lusciously soft and beautifully conditioned without compromising on volume.

  3. Mini Power Base: Unleash the power of volume with O&M's Mini Power Base. This styling essential serves as the foundation for creating voluminous styles, ensuring your hair retains its buoyancy and holds the desired shape throughout the day.

  4. Desert Dry: Indulge in the transformative qualities of the Mini Desert Dry, a styling marvel that adds texture and body to your hair while maintaining a weightless finish. Say goodbye to limp locks and embrace a newfound sense of fullness and vitality.

As a delightful bonus, this exquisite gift bag offers exceptional value by allowing you to save £17.50 from the recommended retail price. And as a token of our appreciation, we are thrilled to include a complimentary Vegan leather toiletries bag—because luxury should be both sustainable and indulgent.

Embrace the elegance of the O&M MINI Volume Gift Bag, where sophistication meets superior haircare, ensuring that this season, your fine hair is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Introducing the O&M MINI Volume Gift Bag—a quintessential ensemble curated specifically for our cherished fine-haired companions this season. Immerse yourself in a collection that encapsulates the essence of haircare luxury, as it features O&M's tried-and-true essentials designed to impart volume, plumpness, and an ethereal weightlessness to your locks.

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