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For Salon Professionals

Salon Business Solutions is the creation of four passionate individuals combining their many years of experience and expertise in the hair industry to help provide expert support to salons.

Having witnessed first hand the lack of support during the pandemic from suppliers, we have created a unique and innovative concept designed to help salon businesses flourish.

Working together for over 10 years, we have built many close relationships with salon owners and stylists and understand the challenges salons face every day.

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To help, lead and educate Hairdressing Salons to their full creative and business potential.


Our Mission is to provide modern, diverse, sustainable, and ethical brands, and business support to Hairdressing Salons. We will offer an honest and trustworthy service, and emphasise on being better together.

Our Product Range

When sourcing products we look for brands that are diverse, sustainable and ethical while still delivering the very best in luxury haircare and home products.


From straight to curly and thick to thin, hair profiles vary from person to person depending on age, ethnicity and health. We strive to deliver a diverse range of hair products to suit every hair profile.


Many of our brands only use sustainable, certified organic ingredients and where possible use fully recyclable containers. We source products that are not only great for your salon but also for the planet.


Sourcing only the best ethical haircare and home products, many of our brands use premium organic ingredients that are 100% vegan and vegetarian and are also free from cruelty, gluten and parabens.

Salon Sustainability

What is Salon Sustainability?

Salon Sustainability is a recycling program designed for the Hair and Beauty industry to make salon recycling simple, clean and cost effective that salon owners, stylists and freelancers can focus on what they love most, doing hair! Most councils won't recycle foil, colour tubes, hair and excess colour chemicals.

Salon Sustainability recycle the unrecyclable giving salons the ability to recycle up to 95% of their waste. What’s more, 100% of the profit from recycling your waste goes directly to supporting the industry’s charity HABB (Hair & Beauty Benevolent).

Here at SBS we have secured an exclusive partnership discount of 15% so you can become a sustainable salon for even less. Just enter the code SBS15 at the checkout on the Salon Sustainability website (not applicable to the already discounted subscription service).

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What can Salons Recycle?

Salons can choose to recycle as little or as much as possible by choosing from our 5 recycle bins: Plastic • Foil and Metals • Paper • Hair • Chemicals

SBS against animal testing

SBS is calling on the hair and beauty industry to back a campaign to stop the reintroduction of animal testing to the UK.

SBS are urging UK salons and spas to contact their local MP to support the campaign by animal welfare charity Cruelty Free International (CFI) to ensure that the UK government doesn’t reintroduce animal testing for cosmetics and beauty products. To download a template letter click here

Co-founder Adam Riley says, “We were astonished and appalled to hear that in 2021, the UK government is considering the completely unnecessary reintroduction of animal testing for the cosmetics industry, a practice that was rightly banned in 1998. Animal welfare charity Cruelty Free International (CFI) says that animal testing on ingredients exclusively used in cosmetics could be required, after being told by the Home Office that the government had ‘reconsidered its policy.’ We are urging the industry to stand up against this utterly barbaric practice, which would be a huge step backwards in this country. We have created a template letter that salons and brands can send to their local MPs to show them that we will not tolerate a return to animal cruelty, and we wholeheartedly support CFI’s campaign to hold the government to account. This must not be allowed to become law.”

The Guardian has reported that in a letter, the government said it was aligning itself with a decision made last year by the appeals board of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), which said that some ingredients used only in cosmetics needed to be tested on animals to ensure they were safe.*

Vegan hair and beauty products have been the standout growth story of the industry in recent years; the vegan cosmetics market is anticipated to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% during the forecasted period (2021-2026), increasing to $20.8B by 2025.

The shift in consumer preference during the pandemic led consumers to seek out healthier cosmetics options causing the sales of organic and vegan products to surge.

The market growth is driven by increasing consumer awareness of the usage of animal-derived ingredients, and the increasing demand from mainstream consumers across the world for vegan-certified products is expected to push the revenue generation in the global market over the medium term. The demand for natural hair colours is growing in the cosmetics market.**

A 2020 survey from UK charity Frame found that 84% of respondents would not buy a cosmetics product if they knew it, or one of its ingredients, had been tested on animals.*


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