Benefits of O&M Shampoo Bars

Benefits of O&M Shampoo Bars

At Salon Business Solutions, we want to help ensure that you provide only the best for your clients while promoting ethical values with your products. That is why we have an extensive range of professional vegan hair products available so you can WOW your clients whilst doing your bit for the environment.

Various sustainable hair care products have been flooding the market recently, and we’ve seen our fair share of unique products, but none have impressed us as much as the shampoo bar. And O&M have created a spectacular set of shampoo bars. We are hooked!

So today, we want to spread the word by exploring the many benefits of shampoo bars, from their environmental impact to their hair-nourishing properties.

What Are Shampoo Bars?

Shampoo bars are solid bars of soap-like cleansers specifically designed for washing hair and can be used as an alternative to liquid shampoo. They are typically handcrafted using natural and vegan ingredients and are often free from harsh chemicals like sulphates and parabens.

To use a shampoo bar, add water to work up a lather in your hands before rubbing thoroughly through your strands and on your scalp. They are effective at removing dirt, oil, and any product buildup in the hair or scalp, so give your hair a good rub to get the most out of the bar.

Environmental Sustainability

On average, the UK throws away around 520 million bottles of shampoo every year. A single plastic bottle can take up to 450 years to decompose. That’s where shampoo bars come in, they drastically reduce this plastic bottle waste.

Many of these little bars of sustainable goodness come in recyclable packaging, and once this has been discarded, there is zero product waste. In addition, shampoo bars are often made with natural and biodegradable ingredients, further reducing their ecological footprint.

Here at Salon Business Solutions, we have a range of O&M shampoo bars that are new to our site, and we are excited to show them off to you. Both of O&M’s shampoo bars are kind to all hair types, so whether you are a 1A or a 4C, you’ll get the same gentle clean. Treat your hair kinder today!

Explore Our O&M Range

The O&M Hydrate Shampoo Bar: This gorgeous pink bar is made from natural red clay and macadamia oil. It will gently cleanse your hair, leaving it feeling fresh and nourished. This bar helps to hydrate and soften the hair, leaving it smooth, silky and manageable. It is vegan and cruelty-free and free from sulphates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. It will also make your hair smell of walnuts and maple!

All O&M’s bars are free from all plastics and are totally vegan.

The O&M Charcoal Shampoo Bar: This marvellous dark blue bar is made with activated charcoal and Kakadu Plum. It will remove any product buildup, leaving the scalp feeling refreshed. The charcoal in the bar acts as a detoxifying and clarifying agent. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and has no synthetic fragrances, parabens, or sulphates. It makes your hair smell of Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Frankincense.

The O&M bars come in minimal, or plastic-free packaging, reducing waste and the environmental impact. This is due to O&M’s promise and dedication to transitioning their range into recyclable plastics over the next 12 months.

These bars are the first in a long line of upcoming shampoo bars from O&M, and are a statement to their sustainability journey.


One average-sized shampoo bar can last around 80-90 washes, equal to two or three bottles of liquid shampoo. With our O&M Shampoo bars, they are the equivalent of four shampoo bottles! So, you are truly getting value for money.

This longevity translates into savings over time, making shampoo bars a budget-friendly choice for those looking to reduce their personal care expenses.


O&M shampoo bars are an excellent choice if you travel for work as a mobile hairdresser and prefer to pack light. Being much smaller and more lightweight than their bottled counterparts makes transporting them easier.

In addition, you can recommend these to your clients, especially if they are jetting off on holiday, going camping, or even going to the gym.

All-Natural Ingredients With O&M

O&M shampoo bars are crafted using a range of natural and organic ingredients, making them free from any plastics and totally vegan. There are three main types of shampoo bars – cold press, glycerin-based bars and solid surfactant bars.

  • Cold press is the most natural and conditioning type of bar.
  • Glycerin-based bars are less harsh on hair but can leave a waxy residue.
  • Solid surfactant gives the best lather but can purify the hair too much.

The ingredients in shampoo bars vary, but they often include natural oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil, or argan oil, which help to nourish the hair. O&M bars are glycerin based bars, making them extremely gentle on any hair type, and beneficial for damaged hair.

Whether you have oily hair, dry scrap, or colour-treated locks, there is likely a shampoo bar formulation tailored to address your client’s concerns. O&M’s shampoo bars have a large range of variations like volumising, moisturising, or clarifying bars.

As you can see, O&M shampoo bars offer many benefits that make them an attractive choice for environmentally conscious individuals looking for a sustainable and effective hair care solution. However, at Salon Business Solutions, we also have a collection of other eco-friendly professional hair products; look around our site for more.

Signing up for a trade account can help you offer these eco-friendly options and vegan salon products from your salon and open you up to a more sustainable range of products. For more information, you can look through our products online and order them directly from us for guaranteed high-quality products and high-end salon shampoo bars.