Transitioning Your Client's Hair Into Autumn

Transitioning Your Client's Hair Into Autumn

Autumn has arrived, heralding an exciting time for transformation! Just as nature dramatically changes its colour palette this season, so too can your clients by trying on a spectrum of stunning hair colour and style options. As the top provider of salon products in the UK, we want to help you make the most of the change in demand with tips and advice on what your clients may be looking for as the season changes.

 From common hair complaints to rejuvenating summer hair to fit the autumn vibes, we'll cover everything you need to know to maintain and enhance your clients' hair during this transition from summer to autumn. After all, autumn is the best time of the year to get that fresh new style.

The Natural Effects on Hair Condition in Autumn

The transformation from summer to autumn can have specific effects on hair. For example, many experience increased hair shedding during this period, typically initiating in late summer and peaking in fall. This is known as 'seasonal hair shedding' and is a normal part of hair's natural growth cycle.

 The change in temperature during these months can put extra stress on scalps and hair follicles, causing the strands to fall out slightly more than usual. This problem doesn't last, and a small increase is perfectly normal. On average, we typically lose up to 100 strands daily. However, suppose this is something you find quite common in your clients. In that case, we recommend using our EVERYGREEN Loss Control Vials, which help reduce the amount of hair affected by loss and provide a healthier-looking do.

 Not only is there an increase in hair loss, but the reduction in sunlight exposure as we move from sun-drenched summer into shorter autumn days can also influence your hair's condition and growth. Shades naturally become darker without sun exposure, and the growth rate slightly reduces. However, with an excellent hair care routine, your clients can still achieve that Hollywood glossy style all year round.

Hair Care Tips for Autumn

As the season transitions from summer to autumn, advising your clients on safeguarding their hair against damage and breakage becomes essential. Here are a few pieces of advice you can offer to ensure that your client's hair can remain in the beautiful condition you have created for them.

  1. Protective Hairstyling: Encourage your clients to embrace protective hairstyles that shield their hair from potential harm. Suggest styles such as flexi-rod sets, rollers, Bantu knots, flat twists, braids, and buns, which preserve the hair and reduce exposure to damaging elements such as harsh cold and strong winds.
  2. Deep Condition: Incorporating deep conditioning treatments, such as our O&M Hydrate & Conquer Conditioner, provides dry, damaged or coloured hair with a nutrient-rich boost. This treatment can significantly restore lost moisture and manageability. Don't forget to ensure they understand the importance of balancing moisture and protein in their hair care regimen between salon visits, too.
  3. Avoid Overstyling: Advise clients to avoid excessive heat styling and manipulative hair practices that increase breakage potential. Instead, promote the beauty of natural hair texture and suggest kinder and gentler styling techniques such as heatless rollers and leaving hair to dry naturally where possible.
  4. Moisturise: Upholding hydration levels in coloured hair, especially during transitional periods, is crucial for maintaining overall hair health. Hair dyes can affect the moisture retention in hair, so ensure they maintain this after giving their hair a seasonal colour change. Our O&M hair products collection has a great selection of hair care treatments for various shades, which can help lock in that all-important moisture for beautiful, glossy hair.

 These steps will guide your clients in maintaining their hair’s integrity during the transition from summer to autumn, helping them retain healthy and radiant locks between salon visits.

Embracing the Change with Colour

Autumn provides a spectacular backdrop for a change in hair colour, reflecting the richness and warmth of the season. Here are some beautiful autumn-inspired hues you could recommend for your clients looking to match the autumnal aesthetics.


Encourage your clients to mirror the radiant hues of fall foliage with a dynamic copper hair colour. This shade can infuse their style with warmth and dimension and gives a bold, dynamic shade perfect for those pumpkin-picking memories. This shade is perfect for those with a vibrant personality and matches well when the summer skin tones begin to fade.


Auburn, a harmonious blend of red and brown tones, provides a subtle and natural option for those clients desiring a gentle yet noticeable transformation. This shade is perfect for achieving a natural and sophisticated look and highlights beautifully on brisk autumn sunny days.

Caramel Balayage

A rich, warm-toned caramel balayage adds depth to your client's hair by skillfully blending multiple shades of brown and blonde. This style is popular for a high-maintenance look without the effort of being high-maintenance. Balayage also allows natural hair growth without the need for constant touch-ups, providing a consistent beauty like no other.


If you want a darker shade for your clients, this one is stunning for all skin shades. Mahogany's rich, reddish-brown colour pairs perfectly with the cooler autumn climate, adding depth and warmth. It provides a beautiful contrast for paler skin tones as your summer tanning routine slides. It also gives warmth to naturally darker skin shades, making it the ideal colour for almost everyone in autumn.


If your client is looking to hold onto their blondes but matches the season's backdrop, a chestnut highlight could be the perfect option. Emphasise chestnut's earthy brown hue with accents of golden undertones; it beautifully complements autumnal outfits and is ideal for changing back around once the weather warms up once again.

Honey Blonde

For clients gravitating towards lighter tones, the honey blonde, with its warm, golden look, makes it an ideal selection for autumn. It embraces the warmth of cosy autumnal days whilst still looking as light and Hollywood-ready as possible. This colour offers the best of all weathers and can be beautiful all year round.

 Remember, it's essential to consider the correct products when treating coloured hair. Luckily, we offer an extensive selection of coloured hair products to make sure your client gets the best version of their shades with every visit.

Hair Styles to Recommend for Autumn

Many decide to make the most of a new season with a fresh look. Everyone knows the nights and days are getting darker, so a new style could be just the confidence boost needed to get through this season. During this autumn, your clients might want to embrace several cutting-edge hair styling trends. For instance, the French Bob, sleek and stylishly shorter than the traditional version, effortlessly captures timeless Parisian elegance and is great for avoiding that trapped hair underneath heavy coats and scarfs, which can cause breakage.

 On the contrary, the revamped Mullet trend, supported by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Zendaya in previous years, offers an edgy blend of classic rock with modern contemporary, presenting a stylish, bold aesthetic. The revival of the Retro 70's-inspired hairstyles could be a hit among your clients, especially when accentuated with fringes or shags, adding a sprinkle of vintage cool to their appearance.

 However, if your clients want something a little more subtle, a haircut with airy, delicate layers can provide a buoyant, natural look, keeping a touch of retro charm. To help keep all these styles in place, we highly recommend our NINE YARDS Slapdash - Defining Spray Wax, adding texture with excellent hold no matter what shape and style your client goes for.

Get the High-Quality Products You Need for a Season of Change

As autumn paints nature with its captivating palette, it brings a canvas ripe for transformation — a perfect time to help your clients explore stunning hair colours and styles. For all the suggestions detailed above, Salon Business Solutions is at your service with a wide range of high-quality, ethically sourced hair care products.

 We understand the challenges of the rapidly changing demands of the industry and are dedicated to helping you maintain, style, and enhance your clients' hair health during the seasonal shift. Explore our salon hair styling products and let Salon Business Solutions become your trusted partner in creating spectacular autumn transformations for all your clients. For more products and exclusive discounts, why not sign up for our trade accounts, offering the best benefits for your salon?